Printing and ink ribbons

Printing and ink ribbons

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

When printing under extreme production conditions, such as low temperatures, a humid climate and with chemical materials, etc. you will require thermal transfer printing and ink ribbons (TTR). All labels that need to stand the test of time, such as those used in storage, are best printed on this kind of high-quality printing and ink ribbons.

The print head heats the ink on the ink ribbon and passes it over the label to be printed. This system allows you to print on various synthetic materials such as polyethylene, vinyl, polypropylene, polyester, etc.

The resulting print is of premium photographic quality, is scratch-resistant, colour-fast and will not wash off. High print speeds are feasible and the printing method is very maintenance-friendly.

Thermal transfer printing and ink ribbons (TTR) are ideal for both printing variable information on labels and also for printing directly onto packaging.


  • High print quality
  • Suitable for long-term storage, as it achieves an excellent score when it comes to heat and light-resistance, and there is very limited discolouration
  • An appropriate print solution thanks to the alignment of the label and ink ribbon on the relevant printer (flathead or near-edge)


  • Compatible: excellent price-quality ratio
  • No waste due to customisation
  • Private label boxes: Your logo or commercial message on or around personalised boxes, to reinforce recognition.

Which Thermal Transfer ribbons from the three groups are most suited to your product?

  • Wax for paper labels for brief use
  • Wax/resin for glossy labels and barcodes
  • Resin for synthetic labels with a long shelf life

We will help you make the right choice, depending on the material, the application and label conditions, ensuring both compatibility and originality.

Besides the usual standard sizes we also supply all other sizes made-to-measure with a minimum width of 25 mm and a maximum length of 1,200 m. To suit the printer, of course.

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Which ribbon for which application?

 Which ribbon for which application?

Ink ribbons

Ink ribbons are used to print non-thermal paper rolls. At BMLE you will find a large stock for diverse printers allowing your own or your customer’s production to remain continuous

Roll your question our way and we will print you an answer.

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